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best 1/2 high pressure ball valve:  1/2" fptt heavy duty ball valve nickel plated brass

if you are using 4000 psi and under, we feel very comfortable offering this valve to you.  we are sometimes very careful when we recommend products for daily use and especially when everyone develops a litigious attitude when injured. because we always go above and beyond in safety, we feel this valve will be a good fit.  use threadlock to install the quick connects.

1/2" pressure washing ball valve 3000 psi fpt nickel plated brass compact design***favorite among pressure washers due to the compact handle not catching up on plants, roots, etc. when reeling/pulling hose in upon the job completion or even better, remove it*** 

add this ball valve to the end of your high pressure hose to allow you to switch from your surface cleaner to the gun/wand assembly without running back and forth to your engine to shut it down to release the pressure in the hose.  

rated to 176 degrees f max 12 mm flow port through valve

fighting your hose?  consider adding a high pressure live swivel to this ball valve.  we recommend the mosmatic 1/2"" swivel. 

warning!!! do not use valve half open. this will damage the valve and lead to premature valve failure.  

don't forget the 1/2” quick connects and threadlock (5004) 

never use teflon tape on your high pressure fittings.

condition: new

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