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general pump dual port chemical injector hi-draw 3-5 gpm 100790

are you looking for a chemical injector that will pull chemical like the xjet without the price tag?  this chemical injector has two 1/4" hose barbs and will not pull twice the chemical but will pull about 30-32 parts.   you can install this chemical injector before your gun (like the xjet) or back at your rig and pull from either a bucket or a chemical tank using two 1/4" clear braided poly hoses with weighted strainers or modified original slotted filters for sodium hypochlorite (tf-di) and slo mo surfactant.  

use hoses that are the same length and add an inline barbed valve (4600) to eliminate a line when a less concentrated mix is needed.  

all chemical injectors should be rinsed after every use with lots of water and best if removed when not in use. always install chemical injectors at least 3 to 4 feet away from the unloader to prevent chemical from back-siphoning into the pump/unloader.

if you need maximum distance with maximum chemical pull, install this injector near your gun using both hoses and a 0040 (3626), 0050 (3780) or 40, 50 orifice 1/4 meg nozzles installed on a davis nozzle holder.


  • operating pressure: 4500 psi maximum
  • flow range: 3-5 gpm
  • 2.1 orifice
  • 190f. maximum temperature
  • 3/8" mpt inlet and discharge
  • 1/4" hose barb chemical port

please rinse these out after every use or they will fail quickly.  these injectors can be rebuilt with two repair kits. these injectors have the columnar style springs and require two of the part number 1966 repair kit which has the ceramic ball.

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