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2" id non-collapsible supply / suction hose for pumps foot (per continuous foot (12"")

inlet line size should be adequate to avoid starving the pump. • line size must be a minimum of one size larger than the pump inlet fitting. avoid tees, 90 degree elbows or valves in the inlet line of the pump to reduce the risk of flow restriction and cavitation. • the line must be a flexible hose, not a rigid pipe, and reinforced on suction systems to avoid collapsing. • the simpler the inlet plumbing the less the potential for problems. keep the length to a minimum, the number of elbows and joints to a minimum (ideally no elbows) and the inlet accessories to a minimum. • use pipe sealant to assure air-tight, positive sealing pipe joints


hose will be slightly generously cut and sent in one continuous length unless you send a note indicating otherwise.  

we carry this hose in 3/4", 1", 1.25", 1.5 and 2".  we also offer this hose in a wire reinforced hose in the same hose id's.  this hose is available in a 100' run and in longer lengths in special order.

this 2" supply hose can be used with corrosive chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide.

***supply/suction hose inner diameter (id) should be doubled compared to the pump inlet/suction port.  for example, the general pump tsf2021(hp5535) has a 3/4" inlet on either side of the bottom manifold of the pump. the pump should be supplied with 1 1/2" non-collapsible suction hose.

condition: new

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