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3/4" MPT X 1 1/2" Hose Barb Brass for Pump Inlet

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3/4" mpt x 1 1/2" hose barb brass for pump inlet

this is a very difficult hose barb to find.  this will allow you to correctly plumb your 8 gpm pump with 1 1/2" non-collapsible suction hose.  don't forget to add the 1 1/2" 80 mesh filter (ys24).   before installing into your pump manifold, review the orientation of the pump.  do you need to add a street 90 in brass (2104) to allow you to connect to the water supply tank?  pick up at least four stainless steel hose clamps to install the supply hose (hc-ss).

this hard to find hose barb is part of the pl-8-ta or pl-to kit .  

check out our diagram showing you how to correctly plumb your pressure washer to a water tank.

we carry this same hose barb in sch 80 pvc for your 1" air diaphragm pump!  look for part hb2416pvc.

condition: new

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