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3/8" high pressure ball valve dn10 kit w/ 3/8" mosmatic swivel, stainless steel socket & stainless steel plug:  the stainless steel socket & stainless steel plug will not be installed on the ball valve

use medium threadlock to install the quick connect fittings.

3/8" pressure washing ball valve 3050 psi fpt nickel plated brass compact design rated to only 176 degrees maximum fahrenheit **favorite among pressure washers due to the compact handle not catching up on plants, roots, etc. when reeling/pulling hose in upon job completion*** (increase the lifespan of your ball valve by removing it from the end of your hose prior to reeling it in)

add this ball valve to the end of your high pressure hose to allow you to switch from your surface cleaner to the gun/wand assembly without running back and forth to your engine to shut it down to release the pressure in the hose.  

warning!!! do not use valve half open or half closed. this will cause damage to your valve and lead to pre-mature ball valve failure.  do not use this valve with excessively hot water beyond the recommended 176 degree f temperature setting on your hot water heating unit.  

8 mm flow port through valve

threadlock (5004)

never use teflon tape on your high pressure fittings.

condition: new

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