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jrod 4 way stainless steel nozzle holder with a 0040, 2540, 0015, 2512 or any nozzle in that rangefor your 4 - 5 gpm pressure washer 

if you do not prefer the 25 degree spray pattern to rinse low or apply soap, simply state your preference for a different spray pattern in the checkout notes. 

we strongly suggest adding a sn4 to this purchase. you can remove any of the nozzles and replace it with the kyle davis long range nozzle and gain some serious distance. 

we are happy to exchange a different spray pattern for the same price. these will not arrive installed.  

please use medium or blue liquid threadlock to prevent cracking the jrod or quadbanger. 

simply quick connect the jrod to your single lance. insert the plug you wish to use. 

if you do not need all four nozzles or need to carry three nozzles, try our tribanger or nhtb. 

when trying to size nozzles appropriately for less gallons per minute, drop down several nozzle orifices from the nozzles listed above. should you need assistance with choosing the nozzles, call or email us. we are happy to help you save time and money by choosing the correct nozzle for the job. 

never use a nozzle smaller than the nozzle chart selects for your gallons per minute and pressure. for example, 8 gpm @ 3500 psi requires an 8.5 orifice nozzle. 

these are a best guess for both direct drive and belt driven 4 -5 gpm 3500-4000 psi pressure washers. you should reach several stories with the 0015 nozzle but not apply soap when your downstream injector is inline. the 0040 will allow you to generously apply soap several stories. the 2512 should allow you to rinse without much pressure or softwash pressure wash. the 2540 will allow you to apply a generous amount of soap using your downsteam injector or use it to rinse by removing your injector. the 2515 is a good nozzle to move sand. of course, if you still pull chemical and do not want to pull chemical, remove the injector. 

according to the nozzle calculator at 4 gpm, using a 15 orifice will drop your pressure to 284 psi if using 4 gpm and a 40 orifice will drop your pressure to 40 psi. 

want to learn how to plumb your pressure washer? 

how to plumb your pressure washer" 


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