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8 gpm 3500 psi skid cold pressure washers/b8035hgea406

4-6 weeks back-ordered

pressure pro skid mounted cold pressure washer (the photo is not correct.  unloader  sold with this unit is actually a trapped pressure unloader and not a zk1 as in the photo )

8 gpm 3500 psi honda gx690 general pump 10,000 hour poly chain belt (2 year warranty from pressure-pro) special epoxy powder coated aluminum frame, commercial lock up pressure trapped unloader, gun/wand assembly with brass general pump quick connects, 50' grey high pressure hose with general pump quick connects & 5 general pump quick connect nozzles

standard features

lifetime frame warranty

ez-start valve

adjustable pressure unloader but is set at 3700 psi and meant to be left alone and never adjusted

engine and pump oil drains offer easy maintenance

dual padded shock absorbing feet

low speed pump and thermo-sensor (prevents overheating in bypass mode)

remote six gallon poly fuel tank-non-carb evaporative compliant-not for sale to california-see options for california compliant upgrade

all units feature electric start and includes marine battery box

note: all units are completely factory assembled, tested in the usa, and delivered ready to operate.

we highly recommend adding the best high pressure 3/8"" ball valve (6292) to this order to allow you to turn off the flow of water to switch from the gun to a whisper wash classic surface cleaner (4345).

the 24"" ground force, 24"" lil big guy or the 28""big guy with the upgraded 3/8"" high pressure hose or the 48"" mondo is the perfect complement to this cold pressure washer. keep in mind that the wider the surface cleaner, the slower you will move. you can choose any surface cleaner that your heart desires and just about anyone will sell it to you but understand that the 19-24"" surface cleaners are the best match for the 8-12 gpm pressure washers. whisper wash will customize the handles, the spray bar and wheel set-up to meet your needs. for example, if you want the classic handle on the ground force with a 4 tip bar, they will assemble that custom surface cleaner for you.

we strongly suggest checking out our ""how to plumb a belt drive pressure washer"" diagram.

this pressure washer must be tank fed with a minimum 1.5"" non-collapsible suction hose, 1.5"" 80 mesh y-strainer (ys24) and 1.5"" ball valve, the special 3/4"" to 1.5"" hose barb for the pump inlet (5049), 1.5"" hose barbs, stainless steel hose clamps and the 1.5"" bulkhead or assembly for a tote outlet. upsize the unloader bypass hose to 1/2"" id spiralite yellow ag and bypass back to a bulkhead and brass elbow installed so that the return water does not spray back at the inlet and cause air bubbles. the jump hose off the unloader to the hose reel swivel should be 1/2"" id and the first 50' off the reel should be upsized to 1/2"" id high pressure hose as well. double check your surface cleaner hose to ensure that it is 3/8"" id. if not, we can custom cut and crimp one for you. we carry everything you need to plumb this pressure washer in a kit which is part number, pl-8-ta or pl-8-to.

as with any pressure washer, do not adjust the unloader. the unloader is set at a spike pressure of 200 psi above the operating pressure of the pump and meant to be left alone. if you need less pressure, change out the nozzles to a larger orifice and never smaller than what is called for using factory specifications using gpm and pressure.

inlet line size should be adequate to avoid starving the pump. • line size must be a minimum of one size larger than the pump inlet fitting. avoid tees, 90 degree elbows or valves in the inlet line of the pump to reduce the risk of flow restriction and cavitation. • the line must be a flexible hose, not a rigid pipe, and reinforced on suction systems to avoid collapsing. • the simpler the inlet plumbing the less the potential for problems. keep the length to a minimum, the number of elbows and joints to a minimum (ideally no elbows) and the inlet accessories to a minimum. • use pipe sealant to assure air-tight, positive sealing pipe joints (

install a high temperature hudson float valve (hudson-ht) using everything you need to install it with our hudson assembly (hudson-a or hb). the hudson assembly installs into the very top of the tank using a bulkhead and garden hose connection to prevent the tank from over-flowing."

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