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***the difference between this unit and the 8115pro-30hg is the unloader block mounted zk7.3 unloader connected by 1/2" high pressure hoses on this unit*****it is the cadillac of set-ups and worth not fighting your hose

super skid 8115pro-30hgk7.3 pressure-pro hot skid power washer 8 gpm 3000 psi plumbed on an unloader block with the zk7.3 flow sensitive unloader w/ 115 volt 2500 watt, 20 amp generator

this powerful, time saving hot skid unit will arrive with a 1" hose barb on the inlet of the pump. we strongly recommend that you purchase our plumb-8 kit which has everything you need to correctly plumb this unit. we recommend switching out the 1" barb to 1.5", upsizing the non-collapsible suction hose to 1.5" id, upsizing the filter to 80 mesh 1.5", installing a 1.5" bulkhead, and upsizing to a 1/2" bypass hose to the tank using yellow ag, brass hose barb and 1/2" bulkhead. increase the jump hose to the reel to a 1/2" high pressure hose and use a 50' hose as the first length of hose on the reel. (always strip all hose from the reel when in use.) upsizing the hose id's will allow you to shoot farther, increase the cleaning units and efficiency on your pressure washer as well as move much faster when using your surface cleaner. the plumb-8 kit has everything you need to plumb the pressure washer as well as connect to a reel including the 50' high pressure hose.

upsizing your hoses will prevent back-pressure to your pump, help your valves and high pressure seals last longer, prevent your safety relief valve from spraying, supply enough water to your pump using the 'double your supply hose id in relation to your inlet port' rule and keep your pump cooler leading to less down time. double check your surface cleaner hose to ensure that it is 3/8" id instead of 1/4". always use medium threadlock on your high pressure fittings instead of teflon tape. teflon tape will end up in the pump valves or clog nozzles.

are you tired of releasing the gun trigger to watch pressure build up in the high pressure hose, gun, wand, quick connects and o-rings?

tired your pump going into bypass because another o-ring failed and you need to replace the plug and/or coupler?

do you want a smooth action when you pull your gun trigger?

are you struggling with moving your stiff pressure washer hose?

do you need to place a death grip on your ladder when you pull the trigger on your gun to prevent falling?

this super skid is plumbed with the 'cadillac of unloaders', the k7.3 flow sensitive unloader. everything under pressure lasts longer. it is plumbed remotely on an unloader block using high pressure hoses. this is the ultimate skid.

if using an chemical injector, install the injector only when in use and install it several feet downstream of the unloader to prevent back-siphoning into the unloader/pump manifold.

if using a chemical injector bypass kit, plumb it the correct way. plumb the high pressure flow straight through. plumb the chemical injector through the high pressure steel tee's.

rugged powder coated steel, low-profile frame w/ fork lift channels

48′l x 43′w x 48′h frame dimensions offer versatile installation

super efficient schedule 80 coil

stainless steel coil wrap, burner hood, and control panel

on board 15 gallon poly fuel tank-non-carb evaporative compliant

reliable honda gasoline commercial/industrial electric startengines

includes 12 volt battery and marine battery box

fully self-contained, no external power required

belt driven tsf2021 general pump

reliable beckett burner

adjustable thermostat

3vx belt system offers balanced power transfer

engine and pump oil drains offer easy maintenance

safety pressure relief valve

arrives ready to use. add fuel and connect to a minimum of 200 gallons water tank or ibc tote.

standard accessories included below:

gun/wand assembly with insulated grip and quick connects

50′ high pressure hose w/quick connects

maxi-flo 20% chemical injector assembly w/quick connects

4 color-coded qc spray nozzles

1 color-coded qc chemical nozzle

note:12v units include 20 amp charging system.

note: all units are completely factory assembled, tested in the usa, and delivered ready to operate

we ship anywhere to a commercial address with a dock or forklift

we recommend the whisper wash 19" classic (4345), 24" ground force (6715), 24" lil' big guy or maybe the 28" big guy for use with this 8 gpm hot skid. using a larger diameter surface cleaner will cause the user to move more slowly than if using the 19"-24" unit.  

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