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Pressure Washer Products is proud to offer the all-flo 3/8" kynar air diaphragm pump assembled and sold to pwp for use specifically with softwash chemicals. this is the only pump on the market that will allow the operator to control the flow by using any nozzle size suitable for the job. the softwasher, chemical applicator or roof washer can choose to use any nozzle orifice from 1.0 to wide open at 90.


Viton diaphragms are not the best choice because of the following reasons according to All-Flo:  Santoprene and other thermal plastic elastomers (TPE) will have a very long flex life due to the nature of the material. This is especially apparent when comparing them to FKM and PTFE diaphragms, which tend to have a low flex life. When selecting a diaphragm, the chemical compatibility and the natural flex life should be considered. In most cases, a “B” rated Santoprene or other TPE will outlast an “A” rated FKM (Viton) or PTFE diaphragm. This is because both the “A” and “B” rated diaphragms will normally fail due to their natural flex life before they experience chemical issues. PTFE should predominantly be used when a TPE is not chemically compatible with the process fluid, and FKM (Viton) is traditionally used for high temperature applications that go above the other materials maximum temperature limits. In short, Santoprene has a high flex life and FKM (Viton) has a very low flex life with flex life being its weakness.

most users pair this 'cadillac of softwash pumps' with 200' of 1/2" id flex tech chemical hose, a 1/2" pvc ball valve or chlorine gun, a 4318s full frame titan hose reel, and a 6540-9 jrod to reach about 25-35' on a roof.

we highly recommend that you independently purchase a submicronic compressed air filter with 1/4" fpt ports to install after the pwp regulator/filter to further protect the pump ensuring a long life. the motorguard m-45 on is excellent and can be connected with one of our short air hoses.

watch rex, the pump guru, install a 3/8" air valve into this 3/8" all-flo air diaphragm pump.

use anti-seize whenassemblingthe stainless components on this pump.

"rex the pump guru installs the 3/8" air valve on all flo pump" href="">

dimensions air inlet ¼" liquid inlet 3/8" fpt liquid outlet 3/8" fpt


maximum flow 9 gpm (34.0 lpm) maximum air pressure 120 psi (8.2 bar) do not run this pump at 120 psi. set the regulator psi to 80 maximum.maximum solids 1/16" (1.6 mm) max suction lift dry 15 ft (4.5 m) max suction lift wet 26 ft (7.9 m) max suction lift dry with ptfe 10 ft (3 m) max temperature 200 (93) °f (°c) noise level (with muffler) 86 dba

the main advantages of using an all-flo air diaphragm pump for softwashing, roof washing, chemical application and transferring chemical to your trailer or truck rig are listed as follows:

the all-flo 3/8" kynar air diaphragm pump, afke038b3, isdesigned to handle the chemical needs of softwashers.

the 3/8" all-flo pump is a perfect choice for residential and commercial cleaning as it allows the operator to control the flow to prevent run-off, over or under-saturation, prevent plant kills or damage to delicate surfaces as well as saving money on wasted chemical.

the all-flo air operated dual diaphragm pump is offered with a 5 year warranty.

the operator can use pump to clean and to transfer chemical to truck or trailer rig instead of hand pumping or purchasing another pump to do the job.

the operator can use any applicator such as a 1/2" pvc ball valve, garden hose spray nozzle or pressure washer gun connected to 200' of 1/2" id chemical hose to apply softwash chemical to a surface.

protect your pump by using our filter/regulator and gauge, afrs,set between 80 psi maximum. drain and clean the filter daily and drains on your compressor at least daily. using the filter/regulator and gauge will prevent over-pressurization of the pump. it can be installed anywhere on the air hose leading to the pump.

use only medium liquid threadlock to perform the following metal to metal pipe thread installations. we recommend installing one of our custom lengths of high quality air hose assemblies (ha04-12)on your compressorand installing the other end into one of the open ports of the filter/regulator.

the 3/8" all-flo air operated diaphragm pump requires a minimum of 5.5 gas horsepower air compressor. a higher hp compressor is also suitable for powering the pump. using a lesser hp compressor will not allow for maximum output from your pump. this is critical for operators requiring all 9 gpm and those requiring maximum shooting or spray distance range.

we recommend using 1/2" id chemical hoseavailable incustom lengths of yellow spiralite ag hose red, blue or yellow flex tech rt or our blue or red kuri tec lightweight chemical hose. some operators prefer to use 5/8" id hose. the spiralite yellow ag, flex tech rt and kuri tec are *a* rated* for use with all softwash chemicals. the most common length is a continuous 200' piece with crimped on hose barbs in 316 stainless steel using one of our hydraulic crimpers in house.

chemical hoses assembled by pressure washer products do not need or use hose clamps.

each all - flo pump is backed by a 5 -year warranty and tested before shipment

your all-flo double diaphragm pump is warranted to the original user against defects in workmanship or materials under normal use (rental use excluded) for five years after purchase date. any pump which is determined to be defective in material and workmanship and returned to all-flo pump company, llc, shipping costs prepaid, will be repaired or replaced at all-flo’s option.

this warranty does not cover failure of parts or components due to normal wear or damage or failure which in the judgment of all-flo arises from misuse, abrasion, corrosion, negligence, accidental damage, faulty installation or tampering. if all-flo inspection discloses no defect in material or workmanship, repair or replacement and return will be made at customary charges.

all-flo has made a diligent effort to accurately illustrate and describe its product in this literature. however, such illustrations and descriptions are not a warranty. the above express warranty is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

purchaser shall give written notice of any claim to all-flo within ten days after discovery of any alleged defect. all-flo shall not be liable for consequential damages, losses, delays, labor costs or any other expense directly or indirectly arising from use of the pump, its liability being expressly limited to the replacement or repair of any defective pump or an allowance of credit therefore. the remedy and recovery of the purchaser on any claim against all-flo, whether based on contract, this warranty or any alleged negligence shall be as stated and limited herein and shall be exclusive.


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