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m5ds adjustable twist nozzle for 3-7 gpm pressure washers or high volume softwash systems

this nozzle will work with a regular or dual port downstream chemical injector and spray a 0 degree fire hose spray pattern, a 15 degree spray pattern, a 25 degree spray pattern, a 40 degree spray pattern all the way to a fan 60 degree fan.

simply twist the black end of the nozzle to select the spray pattern.  the nozzle has a 1/4" fpt port and is shipped with a 1/4" stainless steel male plug (unfortunatley installed with teflon tape).  

always remove the chemical injector when not using.  keeping the injector inline when rinsing, surface cleaning or high pressure cleaning will drastically slow you down.  if setting up a bypass for an 8 gpm and high pressure washer, use 1/2" id high pressure hoses. 

the nozzle orifice is 35 and will reach up to 40 feet.  if used with a regular or dual port chemical injector and the chemical injector stops picking up soap, move it closer to the gun.  sometimes, when too many lengths of high pressure hose are used the pressure loss from hose friction affects the ability to pull or suck chemical.

we strongly recommend this nozzle for use with your 3-7 gpm pressure washer to rinse your softwash chemicals off quickly and efficiently

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