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mecline pressure switch 3/8" mpt 15 amp

the pressure switch responds to a rise or fall in system pressure by either breaking or completing an electrical circuit. the switch can be used several ways in the pressure washer system. it can be used as a fluid control device in conjuction with the trigger gun. when the gun valve closes, the increase in pressure throws the pressure switch and shuts off all power to the system. when the gun valve re-opens, pressure in the line is relieved , the switch closes, and power is restored to the system.

when used as a boiler control, the switch is activated to complete a circuit to supply power to the burner assembly. when system pressure increases, the switch is activated to complete the circuit to the burner. when pressure falls the switch plunger returns to its normal position.


  • activates at 435 psi
  • 250v 15a
  • 3650 psi maximum
  • 200 f maximum
  • stainless steel plunger
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