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TSP1821 PUMP 5.5 GPM 5100 PSI 1450 RPM 24MM SHAFT

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$1,419.20 - $1,419.20
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tsp1821 pump 5.5g pm 5100 psi 1450 rpm 24mm shaft

compact, high pressure ,oversized roller bearings

fully anodized crankcase

innovative new seal design extends seal life

new plunger design improves "thermal shock" resistance

new valve cap design improves hydrostatic performance

5.0 gpm maximum

5100 psi maximum

1450 rpm maximum

17.1 horsepower electric, 23hp gas

18mm plunger

24mm solid shaft

165f. maximum temperature

inlet port 1/2" fpt

discharge port 3/8" fpt

oil capacity 40.6 oz.

weight: 40 lbs

diemsnions: 13.8" x 9.8" x 7.7"

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